Because It’s Natural…

After finding a fluttering fetus in my tummy, I felt a strong desire to begin sharing myself with the world in a way that was more vulnerable and true for the benefit of my own mental space, my coming baby's future curiosity of this process, as well as anyone else's hope for insight of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual space that a woman enters as she transforms from Maiden to Mother.

I began this project with a series of 24 blog posts, called 'Pregnancy Diaries,' as a way for me to document and process my own feelings throughout the multitude of changes associated with creating a body for another soul. I began sharing scared, but hopeful. Once I delivered my daughter, I realized how difficult it was to continue writing, and was advised by my therapist to return to making things with my hands as an ancestral and tribal way of healing. I have decided to expand on my initial blog posts with more writing, on top of creating a full body of work displaying the only reason anything is ever expressed or ever mattered [to me]: Because It's Natural.

All humans have a way of processing and expressing trauma, excess energy and thoughts that no longer align from the inner side to the outer side of their bodies for the world to relate to and find a way to regurgitate in a healthy or unhealthy way. This is how I have chosen to express my own cycles of romance, conception, pregnancy, birth, postpartum and heartbreak. Circling back through this cycle as I bring this creative body of work manifest, as I did my daughter.

Because It’s Natural

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Thank you for being here :)

Abby xx

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Based in the cyclical nature of life; emphasized through romance, conception, pregnancy, birth, postpartum and heartbreak.


Documentarian of motherhood on the continuum